Intellectual Property Law

We advise our clients on the registration of trademarks and designs, manage intellectual property portfolios and defend intellectual property rights. We draft NDAs, terms of use and licence agreements, and also advise on issues of industrial espionage and unauthorised use of commercial and company secrets. If a dispute arises, we represent you and your company both in and out of court.
In the field of competition law, we support our clients in combatting their competitors’ anti-competitive conduct and defend them in cases where competitors launch unwarranted attacks. We advise during the ramp-up to promotional measures and on the permissibility and potential risks of product development from the perspective of competition law.
In copyright law we advise both on issues of the prosecution of infringements and enforcement of rights and assist with the drafting of licence and usage agreements. We support our clients both as rights holders and users in the protection and exercise of intellectual property rights deriving from software, photo, literature, music, architecture and other forms of creative endeavour.

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