Erkan Elden


Tax Law, Corporate Law, Employment Law, Family Law

Bachelor of Science
Certified Expert for Tax Law
Certified Expert for Family Law


Paria Muridani


Erkan Elden’s practice areas cover tax law, corporate law, employment law and family law.

In tax law / corporate law, he focuses on a company’s start-up phase, the company as a market player and reasonable succession planning for all stakeholders.

In employment law he handles all issues around collective and individual employment law, including out-of-court advice as well as representation before all instances of the employment courts.

His work in family law focuses on prenuptial advice, such as the drafting and review of prenuptial agreements, including and especially in international cases, on advice and representation in separation cases, and on representation in divorce proceedings, including all ancillary matters such as alimony, marital property law and equalisation of pension rights, and child custody cases.


German, Turkish, English


2020 Founding partner at Witzel Erb Backu & Partner

2020 Successful completion of the certified experts’ course on employment law

2012 Certified expert for family law

2010 Certified expert for tax law

2007 Joined SSW law firm, partner 2011

2004 Admitted to the bar

Study of economics at FernUni Hagen

Law degree in Würzburg

Publications etc.

Co-author of the Kommentar Kern/Diehm ZPO

Publications in specialist journals

Part of the Münchner Merkur expert pool