Sonja Lenz


Family Law


Celine John


Sonja Lenz's legal practice focuses on family and inheritance law.

Her practice includes in particular the areas of separation and divorce, including representation in and out of court, in divorce proceedings and all ancillary matters such as alimony, matrimonial property law, pension rights equalization and child custody matters.

In the area of inheritance law, Sonja Lenz advises in particular on the drafting of testamentary dispositions, such as wills or inheritance contracts, as well as on the preparation of health care proxies and living wills.


German, English, French


2022 Lawyer at Witzel Erb Backu & Partner

2022 Admitted to the bar

Clerkship at the Appelate Court in Munich, including internships at Boehmke McBlain, Capetown

Law studies at the University of Munich